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Matt Marine

Matt Marine is an Arizona resident who loves exploring Arizona's wonderful outdoor adventures. To find out more about Matt, click the link below.

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Cat-Dog is my faithful trail companion. Her real name is Cammie. Why do I call her Cat-Dog?

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Sara Harelson

I’m Sara! I’m 21, a senior in college, and a journalism major.  I love to read, write, travel, and listen to music.  I’m always on to my next adventure.


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Jeep people are awesome, but we do have our idiosyncrasies. Join me as we look at the humorous side of owning and loving Jeeps.

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Read the Experience Arizona Disclaimer before attempting any of our adventures. Check with local authorities (FS, BLM, etc.) before heading out on any adventures for updates road conditions, closures, etc.

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Road Closures

Trails and roads listed within this site may be closed at any time by the Forest Service, private property owners or other governmental agencies. It is your responsibility to verify state of trail prior to attempting to run it.

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Experience Arizona News

Experience Arizona is your one-stop website for all the latest news regarding outdoor adventures in Arizona.

ATA has Mountain Biking Alternatives

April 9, 2013

By Matt Marine

From the Arizona Trail Association:
Working with GIS specialists Aaron Seifert and Scott Morris, the ATA is proud to offer detailed route information for mountain bikers planning long-distance trips along the Arizona National Scenic Trail. Since bikes are not allowed in wilderness areas, we have been consulting with experienced bikepackers to determine the best routes around the wilderness. This information is now available to members in a variety of formats, including:
• Mountain Bike Databook
• Maps & Elevation Profiles
• GPS routes

These are provided for ATA members. Another good reason to become a member. It's cheap and they do great work!

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50 Hikers Rescued From Bear Canyon

January 29, 2013

By Matt Marine

About 50 hikers became stranded last Saturday near Bear Canyon when the Tucson area got hit by a record amount of rain. The water rushed down from the areas above the popular hiking area at Sabino Canyon and cut the hikers off. The sheriff department and search and rescue had to help numerous people across water swollen washes and streams until about 8 o'clock Saturday night.

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What's interesting is that some hikers are being criticized for not wanting help and going through the washes themselves (though it appears they did so safely). You can also see a video of a portion of the rescue at the link below:

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Seasonal Road Closures Begin on Mt. Lemmon

December 17, 2012

By Matt Marine

The Santa Catalina Ranger District of the Coronado National Forest will temporarily close and lock gates December 17 on seasonal roads and day-use sites in the upper elevations of Mt. Lemmon due to weather-related unsafe driving conditions. The main road leading up the mountain, the Catalina Highway, will remain open but may close periodically due to weather-related issues.

Seasonal road and day-use site closures occur each year. In recent years the Coronado delayed closures until snow accumulated. Roads and day use sites affected by winter weather will be closed annually on the same date, December 15, and reopen on March 1, unless weather conditions render them unsafe before or after those dates. This year the temporary closure will occur on December 17 due to arrangements previously made for access. A winter storm warning is in effect which could bring conditions leading to earlier gate closures.

The seasonal closures are primarily for public safety but also aid district personnel in limiting road maintenance arising from damage to forest roads during winter. The roads remain open to hikers, cross country skiers, bicyclists and other non-motorized users. Roads and day use sites affected by the seasonal closure are: Lower and Upper Control roads, Marshall Gulch Road, Lower and Upper Bear Wallow roads, Bigelow Road, Incinerator Ridge Road, Organization Ridge Road, the road into General Hitchcock and the Lemmon Rock Road to the top of Mt Lemmon above Ski Valley. The roads into Rose and Spencer canyon campgrounds were closed at an earlier date when the recreation areas were closed for the season.

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Work Starting on Redington Road

December 16, 2012

By Matt Marine

The Coronado National Forest will be working in Redington Pass, located on the Santa Catalina Ranger District east of Tucson, during upcoming months. Forest managers will take a comprehensive look at Redington to evaluate past and current uses, and plan for the future. Forest and contract personnel will remove litter, assess potential risks, and develop a management plan for the popular recreation area.

Three dispersed shooting sites between mile markers 5.9 and 6.5 on Redington Road (also known as Pima County Road 371) will temporarily close beginning January 14, 2013 while shooting debris is removed and a risk assessment performed. The areas are expected to reopen September 30, following evaluation of risk assessment results. The risk assessment will aid in determination of further actions which may be needed for visitor safety and natural resource protection.

Forest personnel are beginning the process to develop a Redington Pass Collaborative Management Plan to guide management of the area to increase visitor safety, enhance multiple uses and recreational experiences, and minimize user conflicts. Multiple uses in the area include hiking, mountain biking, hunting, grazing, wildlife watching, off highway vehicle (OHV) use, and recreational shooting.

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Water Caches Being Placed Along the Arizona Trail

September 18, 2012

By Matt Marine

With the approval of local government officials, a water cache has been placed along the Arizona Trail (on the Black Hills Passage #14). The water cache is a large steel bin that can hold up to 100 gallons of fresh water. Hikers can preload the cache with water for future use on long distance trips. The Arizona Trail Association hopes this will help reduce waste of discarded water bottles along the trail. For more information and exact coordinates of the water cache, contact the Arizona Trail Association.

Possible Closure of 1,300 Square Miles of Southern Arizona Land

August 20, 2012

By Matt Marine

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is proposing to designate about 838,000 acres, mostly in Southern Arizona, as critical habitat for jaguars.

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Click here for discussion on Offroad Passport

Jeep "Death Wobble"

August 14, 2012

By Matt Marine

After several hundred complaints were filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) by Jeep Wrangler owners who experienced a severe vibration in their 2005-2010 model year vehicles, two members of Congress from California urged the company to address the issue, which it has now done by issuing a technical service bulletin (TSB) that recognizes the problem and suggests several ways to fix it.

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Indian Springs Trail Reopened

August 2, 2012

By Matt Marine

I just heard that the Indian Springs trail in the White Mountains is open again. Although severely damaged by the Wallow fire last year, portions of the trail are untouched. This was one of my favorite trails in Arizona and it's heartening to see it open again.

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Arizona looking for news that will effect you.

Mt. Lemmon and Sedona (Red Rock Country) Changes Access Fees

July 20, 2012

By Matt Marine

Due to a federal ruling earlier this year, the Forest Service is not allowed to charge for general access to National Forests. The Forest Service can only charge for use of highly developed sites, significantly reducing the number of areas in which passes are required on Mt. Lemmon and Sedona.

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Man Charged for Allegedly Starting Sunflower Fire

July 3, 2012

By Matt Marine

A 23-year-old man from Mesa is facing charges for allegedly igniting the Sunflower fire.

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Experience Arizona Partners with Offroad Passport

July 1, 2012

By Matt Marine

I’m excited to announce a new partnership with the Offroad Passport team. Offroad Passport is an online portal for outdoor adventurers. One of its best features is its free community forum. Members are friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. There are tons of discussion topics where you can ask questions, find interesting nuggets, see gear reviews or share your own experiences. In addition, they offer exciting backcountry adventures from day trips to overnight expeditions.

The Offroad Passport team isn’t interested in trying to find new ways to break a driveshaft.  They are about the entire experience, from camping, hiking and photography to environmental concerns and community awareness.

I’ve set up a direct link to their website under the News/Forum navigation bar and you’ll be seeing links to specific forum threads on adventure pages and on the new Az Topics page. Check them out; you’ll be glad you did.

Numerous Bear Attacks in Arizona

June 27, 2012

Watch out, there've been numerous bear attacks in Arizona this year (three so far).

Click on the here to join the discussion on the Offroad Passport Forum

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More Recalls for 2010 Jeep Wranglers

May 22, 2012

By Matt Marine

Two new recalls for 2010 (and some 2011) Jeep Wranglers have been issued. The first is for improperly torqued front and rear axle fasteners. NHTSA says the maladjusted fasteners could result in "noise, or ultimately, degradation in steering and handling characteristics."

The second is for a flaw in the gearbox’s design, and debris can get caught between a plate which protects the transmission and the catalytic converter, and can catch fire.

Drive train issue ...

Fire issue ...

Arizona Wildfires Starting Early this Year

May 21, 2012

By Matt Marine

With Arizona in the midst of another drought, the fires have started early this season. Two of the state's best 4WD trails are either destroyed or in jeopardy. The Sunflower fire appears to have destroyed the Sunflower Mine and surrounding trail. This was one of my favorite trails in all of Arizona. The Gladiator Fire started near Crown King, a trail that I had run for the first time a week before. Be careful and take care of our lands.

About Phoenix...

Fire Incident Website ...

Coconino National Forest closing over half of their roads

April 15, 2012

By Matt Marine

The Coconino National Forest is closing more than half its forest roads this May. This will include a ban on vehicle and all-terrain use on over 3000 miles of existing roads areas as part of a 2005 U.S. Forest Service directive to limit off-road driving in the nation's forests.

more (Coconino National Forest article and maps)...

more (AZ Daily Sun article) ...

Davidson Canyon Trail renamed Gabe Zimmerman Davidson Trail - January 4, 2012

January 5, 2012

By Matt Marine

The Pima County Board of Supervisors is renaming the Davidson Canyon trailhead at the request of The Arizona Trail Association, of which Zimmerman was a member and his mother, Emily Nottingham, is president. Zimmerman, a 30-year-old aide to U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, was killed along with five others in the Jan. 8 2011 Tucson shootings that injured Giffords and a dozen others.

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Arizona Trail Completed - December 16, 2011

December 19, 2011

By Matt Marine

The final link in a continuous Arizona National Scenic Trail across the state of Arizona was completed on Friday, December 16, 2011.  A ceremony was held on a very scenic and remote mountainside, overlooking the Gila River, not far from the small communities of Kelvin and Riverside. What a monumental occasion!

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Rosemont Copper Environmental Impact Public Meetings

December, 2011

By Matt Marine

You can attend the Forest Service's Environmental Impact meetings on the Rosemont Copper site at various locations throughout Arizona. Click on the link below for a schedule of dates and times.

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Buehman Canyon Land Deal

September 7, 2011

By Matt Marine

Pima County could gain almost 1,000 acres in the eastern portion of the Catalina Mountains near Tucson in a land deal with the Nature Conservancy. Buehman Canyon is near Redington and could become part of Pima County's Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan. The Nature Conservancy is also selling 80 adjoining acres for about $40,000 as part of the deal. It is unclear on what would happen to 4WD roads in this area. Commissioners are set to vote on the deal soon.

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KVOA highlights Aspen Trail

August 10, 2011

Tucson's Channel 4 (KVOA) recently highlighted Mt Lemmon's Aspen Trail as part of their Hittin' the Trails 4 You segment. This is a nice trail up in the cool pines of Mt. Lemmon near Summerhaven that I hope to create an adventure on soon. Until then, you can go to the KVOA link below for more information.

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Solar Flares may Disrupt Communications / GPS

August 6, 2011

Recent solar flares may disrupt communications and GPS signals in the near future.

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Be Aware of Dangers When Hiking During the Monsoon

July 23, 2011

Hiking, biking or four-wheeling during the monsoon can be wonderful. Watching the clouds and rain come over the mountains. Feel the splash of cold water. A refreshing breeze. All good stuff and we all enjoy the monsoons. But be careful, the monsoon season can be one of the most dangerous for outdoor activities in Arizona.

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Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest List Specific Closures

July 18, 2011

The Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest has put out a list of specific closures due to the Wallow Fire. Click on each ranger district to display a list of trails, areas and campgrounds that are either open or closed due to the fire. As feared, one of my favorite trails in Arizona, Indian Springs, is closed. Sad news.

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Some Fire Restrictions Lifted

July 12, 2011

Due to increased monsoons and humidity, some of the fire restrictions have been lifted in Arizona! Great news. Please see the following website for information about specific lands and restrictions still in place. And, as always, regardless of the specific fire restrictions (or lack thereof), please be careful and fully extinguish your campfires. This land is too beautiful to see go up in smoke!

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Tourists dies hiking near Sedona

July 8, 2011

A Japanese tourist died while hiking at Bell Rock near Sedona after falling 50 - 100 feet. Very sad. Please, have fun but be safe!

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Coronado Forest Partially Reopens

July 7, 2011

Portions of the Coronado National Forest reopen (with fire restrictions) today. This includes the Santa Catalina Mountains (Mt. Lemmon), Redington Pass and Happy Valley. The other portions of the forest remain closed until further notice.

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The Moonson Returns

July 6, 2011

The monsoon has arrived and most of the existing forest fires are either out or fully contained. That's the good news. The bad news: the rains may cause flooding in the effected areas.

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Huge Dust Storm Hits Phoenix

July 6, 2011

A huge dust storm hits Phoenix. Some amazing pictures in this slideshow.

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Fireworks Prohibited on Unincorporated State Land

June 28, 2011

Due to extreme fire risk, all fireworks are now prohibited on unincorporated state lands.

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Elden Lookout Road Gate Intermittently Closed

June 22, 2011

The Elden Lookout Road gate will be locked intermittently for a few weeks for scheduled road maintenance. The gate should be open on weekends (including Friday's).

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Fires Ravage Arizona - Force Forest Closures

Everyone knows about the massive fires raging in Arizona during the month of June. Some of my favorite places to camp, bike and hike in Arizona are now just ashes. It breaks my heart to think that I will be long gone from this earth before these areas are restored to their original beauty (though I am grateful that I did get to experience them). It’s everyone’s  responsibility to be fire smart. All of these fires could have been avoided. Please be careful out there.

Now, what's open and what's closed? Good question. The Public Lands Information Center has a great breakdown of what's open, restricted and closed due to fire danger. You can visit the website by clicking the link below.

more ...

I believe the following adventures are effected by the closures and fires:
- Indian Springs
- Brown Canyon
- Butterfly Trail
- Kentucky Camp
- Portions of the Arizona Trail
- Camp Rucker
- Fort Bowie
- Romero Pools
- Wilderness of Rocks
- Montana Mountain
- Rug Road
- Deer Creek
- Black River
- Senator Hwy
- Bull Springs
- Dragoon Springs
- Cochise Peak
- FR 4393
- Council Rocks
- Fish Canyon
- Flux Canyon
- Gardner Canyon
- Gunsight Pass
- Jackson Cabin
- Marble Mine
- Rice Peak
- Sunnyside
- Sutherland
- Sycamore Canyon

Due to the massive amounts of fires and closures currently going on, all adventures should be verified prior to attempting

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OHV Decals at work

Ever wonder what those OHV decals pay for? Here's a story from the Arizona Parks website that gives you a flavor for what improvements your money is going for.

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Tread Lightly Online Awareness Course

The Tread Lightly organization has developed a online awareness course. It's a 45 minute course that teaches you how to minimize your impact on the outdoors.

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