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Cat-Dog is my faithful trail companion. Her real name is Cammie. Why do I call her Cat-Dog?

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I’m Sara! I’m 21, a senior in college, and a journalism major.  I love to read, write, travel, and listen to music.  I’m always on to my next adventure.


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Breaking News: Jeep Wave Now Mandatory in Arizona

(Phoenix, Arizona) - Late last week the Arizona Legislature passed a bill that requires all Jeep drivers to perform the "Jeep Wave" when passing another like-model Jeep. Southern Arizona District 15 Representative James Palmer led the landmark bill through the state legislature.

"This bill's been a long time coming," Representative Palmer said in an interview with reporters. "Jeep owners are sick and tired of inconsiderate drivers who don't wave back. Come on, all you have to do is wave. It's not rocket science."

The Jeep Wave Law, as it's now called, stems from a long standing tradition of Jeep owners and drivers waving to each other in friendly greeting. It began in the 1940s when the first Jeeps were being designed during World War Two. You can read the history and what constitutes a Jeep Wave by clicking here.

The bill passed by a narrow margin (winning by only three votes). Most of the opposition came from legislators who do not own, or have never owned, a Jeep.

Phoenix district 29 representative Tom Lundy who led the opposition said, "I own a Ford Focus and don't expect other Ford drivers to wave back. It must be a Jeep thing and I guess I just don't understand."

The bill has a six month grace period in which violations are waved with drivers only receiving stiff warnings. After that, Jeep drivers not performing a wave can expect to be fined, or worse, if found guilty of aggravated and malicious "non-waving". The new bill sets up a "Three Strikes and You're Out" law. The first violation is a mandatory $250 fine. Drivers with a second violation are required to attend a Jeep Wave class offered by local Jeep clubs.

If Jeep owners are found guilty of three Jeep Wave violations, they must sign over the title of their Jeep to the state, where it will be put up for auction, and be made to drive a Subaru Forester for the rest of their pitiful lives.

Lawmakers put much of the blame for lack of Jeep waving on Jeep dealerships. "The dealers must take some responsibility for indoctrinating new Jeep owners," stated Palmer. "It's the same as going over the owners manual and showing owners how to put the vehicle in park and use the radio. Only more important."

Local Jeep enthusiast and centurion Mark Roberts told reporters, "It's mainly the younger generation who don't wave. They just don't get it. A Jeep drives by, you wave. It's not that hard. When I was young, I'd drive 20 miles through two feet of snow to school every day in my father's Jeep. And when we'd see another Jeep, we'd still wave. I don't understand these young people. I think it has something to do with that twerking girl Madonna Cyrus."

Laura Jenkins, a 21-year-old self proclaimed "Jeep Girl", showed how emotional this can get while testifying in behalf of the bill to the state Senate. "I see a Jeep coming toward me, take the effort to wave ... and ... and get nothing back. It's so sad." Tears flowed down her face during her moving testimony. "I mean, it's like a guy who won't call you back the morning after a hook-up. It just leaves you with an empty feeling inside. So, please. If someone waves at you. Just wave back. And, Mike with the Silver 07 Rubicon, if you're reading this .... call me ... please."

Next on legislator Palmer's agenda is to introduce a bill that lowers the minimum speed limit on highways for Jeeps to something manageable, like 35 mph.


Tess G
I wish Arizona would stick to the really non controversial issues like immigration reform, gay rights and medical marijuana.

Mike W
Laura, let's not spoil it. Remember it for what it was: a beautiful night full of romance and cheap tequila. Oh, and you may want to stop by the free clinic for a checkup. Just saying...

E Cortland
Send Sheriff Joe after them!

David H
Like models only? I find that highly discriminatory and will be instituting a law suit to make inter-model waving legal. As a WJ owner I have suffered emotional pain and suffering when I Jeep Wave a CJ, TJ, XJ, or BJ and get a return wave of less than four fingers. Perhaps I should only JW another WJ. I can understand the feelings of a CJ owner sitting on his 1/2 foam vinyl seat getting waved at by me on my heated, rich Corinthian Leather seats while listening to ABBA’s greatest hits on my 13.1 channel mega-surround boze-a-sonic audio system. Still, this is no excuse. A little respect for those who are superior to you is in order. I may not have a 12” lift, Claymore long legs, ARC Blow-lockers, or 48” BFD mud slinger tires, but I sure look good parked at the mall!

Robert P
I thought it was already the law.

Actually, this comes from a higher law

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