"She was drowning but nobody saw her struggle"

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Friend and model, Taryn Gibson, was kind enough to spend two hours in a bathtub filled with milk (actually, it was water and some non-dairy coffee creamer) for this photo shoot. We wanted to do something a little different than the typical milk bath photo shoot. Not surprisingly, we added just a bit of horror to it.

I'd imagine one of the most horrible ways to die would be by drowning. Taryn had to live this horror for a few moments as she opened her mouth, brought in the milky water and held her breath as I took the photo. Multiple times. Not an easy thing to do. Especially, while looking beautiful at the same time. She is a real pro! I wanted an almost surreal look to it as if she was being pulled under by the water. The milky water gave off a fog-like feeling when we shot it this close.