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Matt Marine

Matt Marine is an Arizona resident who loves exploring Arizona's wonderful outdoor adventures. To find out more about Matt, click the link below.

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Cat-Dog is my faithful trail companion. Her real name is Cammie. Why do I call her Cat-Dog?

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Sara Harelson

I’m Sara! I’m 21, a senior in college, and a journalism major.  I love to read, write, travel, and listen to music.  I’m always on to my next adventure.


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Angel of Oak Creek Cabin

By Matt Marine

The angel appears to be standing on a rock precipice, stars circling her head, arms out to her side, palms raised toward the sky as if summoning someone high above her. Power and light seem to be radiating from her. She is the Angel of Oak Creek Cabin and she appears in the cabin’s window only when the light is just right.

Although some of those who visit the cabin feel her presence right away, I wasn’t aware of her existence until just recently. While searching through some old photos, my sister discovered what looked like an Angel in the cabin’s window. She sent the photo to me and at first I thought someone had Photoshopped an angel in the window, but the more I looked at it, the more convinced I was that this image had not been manipulated. What the camera had captured in the window, was indeed what had been there at the time. But was it an actual “angel”?

Before answering that question, it’s important to look at a bit of history of the cabin and surrounding area. Unfortunately, I don’t have any official history of when the cabin was built and by whom, but my guess it was built in the early 1900s. There is a small barn and corral close by indicating it was used in the ranching business. The cabin was built by a spring near which Native American’s had previously lived in a large settlement. Even though I don’t know the details, there’s obviously a great deal of history here.

And possibly angels or ghosts.

During the same camping trip as the photo above was taken, the sound of “someone hammering” was heard around the cabin during the night. In addition, old polyphonic music woke a friend of mine up out of a sound sleep. He went outside to see if he could figure out where the music was coming from. The cabin is out in the middle of nowhere. No other campers could be seen or heard. It really freaked him out. The incident convinced him that they were not alone that night.

So what is the Angel of Oak Creek Cabin. If you didn’t see her in the window in the photo above, I’ve zoomed in on the image below. You can see her clearly standing on the rocks as if overlooking and protecting the cabin.

I looked closely at the image and found no obvious signs of photo manipulation, so I began looking through my pictures / video of the cabin to see if I captured the same image and just didn’t notice it.

I knew I had walked around the cabin with my trusty Panasonic camcorder on my last visit and should have captured each window in the video. As I reviewed the video, I immediately saw the “angel” as I passed by the southern side of the cabin.

As you can see in the captured screen shot below, the “angel” is really a large American flag bow placed in the window. You can also see it from a photo I took on the inside of the cabin. Mystery solved. Or is it?

I find it extremely interesting how the light and reflection turned the flag into such a well rendered angel. Yes, this may just be another potato that looks like Abe Lincoln, but with all the other strange happenings at the cabin that night, I am not 100% convinced there wasn’t something else there. I’ll leave it up for you to decide.

If you decide to take a trip out there and spend the night, keep an ear our for strange noises and angels in the window.  

Click here for more information on how to get to Oak Creek Cabin. Click here for additional photos and here to see a video.


Have you been on this adventure? What did you think? Comments and updates welcome by clicking here.

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