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Who are the Experience Arizona Adventurers?

Matt Marine

Matt Marine is an Arizona resident who loves exploring Arizona's wonderful outdoor adventures. To find out more about Matt, click the link below.

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Cat-Dog is my faithful trail companion. Her real name is Cammie. Why do I call her Cat-Dog?

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Sara Harelson

I’m Sara! I’m 21, a senior in college, and a journalism major.  I love to read, write, travel, and listen to music.  I’m always on to my next adventure.


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It's a Jeep Thing
Jeep people are awesome, but we do have our idiosyncrasies. Join me as we look at the humorous side of owning and loving Jeeps.

Feature Adventures
Want to try something different? These stories showcase a wide varitey of unique adventures that allow you to experience them first hand!

Outdoor Adventures based on Offroad Exploration!

Arizona N2O - The Lighter Side of Experience Arizona

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Read the Experience Arizona Disclaimer before attempting any of our adventures. Check with local authorities (FS, BLM, etc.) before heading out on any adventures for updates road conditions, closures, etc.

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Road Closures

Trails and roads listed within this site may be closed at any time by the Forest Service, private property owners or other governmental agencies. It is your responsibility to verify state of trail prior to attempting to run it.

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Here's a compilation of miscellaneous videos I've done that are tied to any trail or adventure in particular. Enjoy.

It's a Jeep Thing Videos

Jeep people are awesome, but we do have our idiosyncrasies. Join me as we look at the humorous side of owning and loving Jeeps.

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Aerial Footage of American Flag

I took out my new camera and platform (DJI Phantom 4 Pro) yesterday to American Flag. This was only my second time flying a drone and I am still learning how to fly it. The fact that I didn't crash it yet is a testament to the DJI platform and how easy it is to fly, not my flying capabilities. I still have a ton of learning to do, especially with the camera, but I can't wait to take it out and show some footage of these places never seen before.

Playing in the snow on Mt. Lemmon

Here's some video of us playing in the snow after a good winter storm on Mt. Lemmon. When you don't have a good hill to sled down, improvise with your Jeep.


What is Your Favorite Outdoor Spot in Arizona

Arizona is full of outdoor adventures. From hiking and skiing to mountain biking and kayaking, Arizona has it all. But which of these adventures is your favorite? Which place stands out among the rest? I chatted with a few Tucsonans to learn just that.

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A Boot Kickin’ Good Time

After an exciting day at the Tucson rodeo, people headed over to the Coor’s Barn Yard Dance to celebrate the rodeo’s 90th anniversary. Live music, line dancing, and food created a lively and energizing atmosphere for people of all ages to enjoy. Here’s a short video capturing the entertaining celebration.

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Crossing the CDO Wash

Here's of us crossing the usually dry CDO wash after a big storm came through and dumped a bunch of rain in southern Arizona for a few days. We went up to Cherry Springs along the Charouleau Gap trail.

Walking Through the "Good Enough" Mine

Here's some video from our exploration of the "Good Enough" Mine in southern Arizona. It's a really cool mine with interesting stuff in it.

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Exploration Trip Near Charouleau Gap

Here's five videos from our December 2014 trip near Charouleau Gap to find and old mine site. We also discovered, by mistake, a 1930s Fairbanks Morse 2 cylinder engine. Way cool. The trip was not without difficulties, both in 4WD and boot mode.

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Dog and Butterfly

Here's a video from our September 2014 trip down to the Patagonia Mountains. The trip was full of beautiful dogs and butterflies.

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Run for the Border - Part III

Here's video proof that we found the ghost town we'd visited 26 years ago! We also explore Wakefield Spring.

Click here for the video.

Run for the Border - Part II

Here's a short video from Part II of our adventure trying to find a ghost town we'd lost for almost 30 years. We are at Wakefield Camp and although we didn't find the buildings we were looking for here, we did find a very unusual concrete structure.

Click here for the video.

Dragoon Mountains and Abril Mine Video Trailer

Here's a short movie trailer on our adventure out in the Dragoon Mountains where we are trying to find the chute at the Abril Mine.

Click here for the video.

In Search of the Old Glory Dam

During a trip down near the Old Glory Mine, we discovered old photos of a large dam that serviced the mill.

But where had it gone? Come with us as we hunt for this dam and find how wrong we can be.

Click here for the story and video.

Sounds of Four Wheeling

I've been taking lots of pictures and video of my adventures lately and was thinking, what about the sounds of four-wheeling?

This isn't just engines roaring or tires scrambling for purchase, it's about some of the stranger sounds I've encountered. Just for fun, see if you can recognize some of these sounds. A few are easy, others are not. How many can you guess correctly?

Click here for the video.

Arizona Mine Fishing

Ever wonder what's at the bottom of a mine shaft, but don't have the guts to climb down there yourself? Or maybe a better way to put it is, you have a brain in your head and aren't crazy enough to rappel down a mine shaft (never mind the legality issues).

If you answered yes to the above question, you're in luck! I've "invented" a new sport called mine fishing. Invented is in quotes because I'm sure someone else has done this before, but it was the first time I'd done it and because I'm too lazy to check on Youtube to see all the other videos most likely posted on this, I'll just take credit for inventing it. Finally, I call it mine fishing because it combines all the things you love about actual fishing with some really stupid and dangerous things people call mines.

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