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By Rebecca Miller

Traveling has become a need to get to the destination as quickly as possible. It is no longer about the journey and the experience had while driving, it is a complete devotion to “start” and “finish.” By making a choice to travel via interstate we end up making the choice to exclude the possibility of seeing something worth while. It is no secret that the less scenic parts of an area are in very close proximity paralleling the interstate. But happens when you take the road less traveled?

When I went to the Ostrich festival in Chandler, my mom and I made a wrong turn getting off on the highway 87 much sooner than we were supposed to. In driving down this area that cuts through farmland and Indian reservation I was amazed by the surroundings and wanted to stop nearly every 5 minutes to take a picture, but we were on a schedule and had to stick to it. Through out the semester my mind kept returning to that wrong turn we took and my “shutter finger” was itching to go back. So I set out at 5:30 am one Saturday and went on the journey I had been longing to photograph, and these are some of the things I found.

It is a documentation of the lost relics found along the side of this road. Buildings and structures left to stand the test of time, among them an old weighing station and cotton gin, as well as some burnt down houses. These are the things that are forgotten and left behind, and had I not made that wrong turn I never would have known they exist.

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